A30 Launceston


Gary Taylor-Harris – PSR Lighting and Signs


Take down and relocate 2no advance directional signs. Install passive jerol posts in sockets installed by others. Remove old posts by cutting posts 150mm below ground level. Induction booked onsite for 0730.



Old sign to be removed


Removal of advance directional sign. Cut down/removal Of signage posts Install jerol posts Installation of advance directional sign


MEWP operative, 2no people working at height. Lorry mounted crane operative Signage installation



Induction booked with Trevor Arnold of the Highways Agency at 730 pm As per Job notes. A mistake had been made on this part and the client wanted to induct 0730am and PSR was informed it would be 1930pm. As a change of plan Trevor inducted myself to then induct Steve and Rob because of Trevor’s prior engagements and I was local to Trevor. Therefore with the traffic management in place for the foreseeable future PSR was able to press forward with plans to start at 1930.


Hospital locations Requirements on PPE Local recent issues An operative being crushed when a lorry was reversing, so always use a banksman -A near miss reported of a crane swinging his load over a live carriageway -All near misses or accidents need to be reported to Trevor Site rules Company polices Site specific details BT ducts run in between curb line and edge of concrete base for foundations at a depth of 600mm via trial holes. Agreed we would not put jack legs anywhere near this area. Trevor wanted to be advised when we was on and off site.


photo 1

Pre cast base with pots installed

Steve and Rob carried out the installation of the jerol posts into the precast sockets. Importantly they made sure the posts were at the same height by marking the posts at the same point on each post and making sure they were level. This was important because the sign would need to be attached to the posts fully on both sides. Steve was controlling the lorry mounted crane and Rob was slinging and being Steve’s banksman whilst controlling the posts.


I took on the task of removing the existing signs. I could secure the sign on the MEWP whilst performing the controls on the tower. As the sign was coming down there was a few Clips that wouldnt come off and needed to be cut off. All nuts and bolts on the clips were removed due to questioned integrity of the thread.


This was carried out by the three of us. First we followed the job notes by digging down 150mm and cutting the posts down. We used a disc cutter for the cutting. As Steve started the cutter the start cord broke. The posts seemed to have a certain amount of movement so we agreed to try to break the concrete cap and lifting the posts out instead. This was carried out in a controlled manor.

photo 2

Old signs and posts removed


This take was carried out by all three of us. I was in the MEWP, Steve and Rob prepared the signs with bolts and securing braces for the bolts. We Installed the bottom panel of the ADS First. To get the mounting height of the sign we measured the signs total length Which was 3450mm. To add a gap between the signs this was increased to 3500mm. To hide the posts behind the sign we measured the top of the sign to the first rail, this was 60mm. I then subtracted half that value to move the sign up to cover the top of the posts. We then measured 3470mm from the top of the posts and this was the level of mounting height. This also married in with the given mounting height of 2000mm. The sign also had to Have a widthways clearance from the curb line of 1000mm. This worked out perfectly because then the sign was central with 800mm overhang of sign either side of the posts. With the first panel installed it was a case of placing the next 3no panels on top With clips holing the sign in place. With myself operating the MEWP Steve passed up the next 3no panels via A frame ladders. We made sure each panel lined up with each other via the text and diagrams on the Sign face. We then installed the second sign which was in one section. This was too heavy to carry by myself and in couldn’t be passed up due to the weight of it. We Decided Rob would help me.  To get the sign level one side was installed then a spirit level was used to make sure it was level. We then Put a covering of top soil of 100mm over the concrete base. Site was then Cleared of materials and tools and Trevor was contacted to let him know the job was completed.

photo 3

New posts and signs installed


Upon reflection the top sign should have been held in place via the lorry mounted crane. This has to go down as a near miss and will be looked at in the company’s method statements.

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